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Starting at $2.95 per month
Average uptime of
Average load time of 389ms

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Founded in 2000, Digital Pacific is an experienced, carbon-neutral Australian hosting provider with a great focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. This Sydney-based company provides nothing but reliable hosting solutions – tailored to meet and exceed today’s customer needs. Here are some of the key company values :

  • Intuitive and quality-rich hosting services at reasonable pricing
  • Forming long-lasting relationships with clients
  • Understanding customer needs
  • 24/7 customer support all year long


All of Digital Pacific’s internet hosting plans embrace automatic backups that occur 3 times per day. They boast a totally redundant network so no single purpose of failure has the facility to bring the complete network down. holler hardware is found altogether knowledge centers, and Digital Pacific boasts that they ne’er compromise on the standard of the instrumentation they use. Locals can appreciate that this is often associate degree all-Australian network which all servers area unit set here too. think about it as a chance to buy native.

Digital Pacific Offers Innovative Technology

Digital Pacific claims that their servers area unit all inexperienced so operating with them could be a property alternative. associate degree automatic set up selector obtainable is on the market if  having a tough time sorting through all of the choices that are available during this host’s packages.

Backup hardware

Backup hardware includes holler/EMC AX SAN Series and Dell MD PowerVault SAN Series systems. A gigabit network connects all servers with giant Frames enabled. This interprets to quicker network transfer so you’ll trust the backup and restoration method.

Additionally, customers have the company’s proprietary fast Restore backup protocol. This utilizes associate degree application for Continuous knowledge Protection, creating it doable to perform a comprehensive backup while not compromising server performance.

Personal Hosting well

This internet hosting tier is intended for the individual user. you will wish to begin a journal, produce an internet site wherever your family will share images or produce a record as you pursue a favourite interest. Regardless, these area unit little, fairly reasonable packages.

Each of the non-public hosting plans comes with a web-based board, the company’s 24/7 fast support and no written contracts.

The Basic setup offers you one G of cupboard space and permits you a most of ten GB of traffic monthly. web site set-up is free, and 2 domain-based email addresses area unit enclosed.

Upgrading to the quality set up gets you 5 gigabytes of cupboard space and permits you twenty GB of traffic monthly. Setup prices area unit still free, however currently you’re allowed a vast variety of email addresses. in addition, you get 5 MySQL Databases with this set up.

Like the Personal plans, all of the Business hosting plans associate with 24/7 support, a web-based board and no written contracts. whereas these plans area unit dearer than the non-public ones, they need enlarged storage, practicality and security. A free SSL certificate is enclosed with each set up.

The Basic set up comes with twenty five GB of storage and a hundred GB of monthly traffic. You get one add-on domain, unlimited email addresses and setup is free.

When you upgrade to the quality set up, you will be given fifty GB of storage, 3 add-on domains and unlimited email addresses. Your monthly traffic limits also are currently unlimited.

In addition to unlimited monthly traffic and email addresses, the Advanced set up gets you a hundred GB of storage and 6 add-on domains. the biggest package is that the professional set up. it’s everything that the Advanced set up has additionally to a hundred and fifty GB of storage.

Premium Hosting well

Digital Pacific’s Premium internet hosting plans area unit meant to be a bridge between the Business plans and also the VPS plans. Designed for growing businesses, it’s doable to upgrade or downgrade a current set up at any time to suit this wants of your venture. All Premium packages feature unlimited monthly traffic and a free SSL certificate.

The Standard set up provides twenty five GB of storage and four-hundredth C.P.U. speed additionally to four,096 MB of memory associate degreed an I/O speed of six MB/s. Thirty processes area unit enclosed. With the larger Advanced set up, customers area unit upgraded to fifty GB of storage, 600% C.P.U. speed, 6,144 MB of memory, eight MB/s I/O speed and forty processes.

In the professional set up, customers received seventy five GB of cupboard space, 800% C.P.U. speed, 8,192 MB of memory, ten MB/s of I/O Speed and sixty processes.

VPS Hosting well

These packages area unit meant to be Digital Pacific’s most advanced offerings. whereas not specifically dedicated server hosting, Virtual personal Server hosting is fairly shut. you are still sharing a server with multiple users, however the server functions a lot of like it’s solely yours.

With a VPS, you get dedicated resources like storage, RAM, C.P.U. and information measure. higher web site security and server root access are blessings of VPS hosting.

 Digital Pacific’s VPS plans :

  • DDOS Protection
  • 24/7 Support
  • Server Management
  • Kernel Care
  • 4 TB of Data Transfer
  • Daily Backups
  • One IP Address
  • Instant Setup
  • cPanel + Cloud Linux Control Panel